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External factors like sun damage, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle habits accelerate skin aging, causing cellular damage and reducing the skin's ability to repair itself. The BYONIK® treatment helps counteract this process. 
BYONIK® pulse-triggered laser and its complementary products were created based on extensive research on optimal wavelengths and power outputs. 
As the first rejuvenation system targeting cell processes, BYONIK® is effective for various skin concerns and suitable for all skin types. The non-invasive, non-ablative treatment adapts its frequency to the user's pulse, delivering energy to all skin layers. 
The BYONIK® method enhances skin elasticity, hydration, and volume by stimulating cellular processes and delivering hyaluronic acid gels with antioxidants. Visible effects often appear after the first treatment. The pulse-triggered laser synchronizes with the user's heartbeat, allowing antioxidants to enter skin cells and red and near-infrared light to penetrate all skin layers. 
BYONIK® treatments are compatible with all skin types and various other treatments, including surgery, injectables, and skin peels, it can be administered year-round, even during pregnancy or sun exposure. This treatment helps maintain skins integrity and speed up recovery. 


The benefits of the BYONIK® Laser are as follows: 
Immediately improved skin texture 
Significantly more youthful appearance 
Deep hydration & plumpness 
Reduces inflammation & redness 
Improves pigmentation & sun damage 
Improves acne & inflammation 
Boosts collagen production 
Just about every skin type & condition can benefit from BYONIK® PTL treatment 
BYONIK® Laser Treats: 
ageing, rosacea, large pores, scars, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, melasma and cystic acne. 
BYONIK® is ideal for all age groups as it is a great preventative treatment for younger skins. We believe that prevention is better than cure and BYONIK® has proven to slow down the ageing process. By having regular BYONIK® facials in your 20's you will be looking your best in your 40's. 
This treatment is fantastic for a special occasion, it gives instant results that last up to a month. 
For optimum results, a course of 6-8 treatments may be recommended depending on the skin condition and individual concerns. 

BYONIK® Laser Facial Treatments 

BYONIK® PTL Cellular Regeneration  
75 mins 
Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment is Patented approach to healthy skin ageing. The ultimate healthy ageing treatment to visibly smooth lines and wrinkles by improving skin’s critical moisture levels and strengthening the natural protective functions of the skin from environmental damage, giving your skin a vitality and lift you will feel immediately. Experience the incredible High Energy Anti-Aging complex full of peptides to revitalize, plump and regenerate the structure and health of the skin. 
BYONIK® PTL Quick Power 
60 mins 
A powerful detoxifying facial, giving skin an intensive brightening boost whilst providing deep cell protection, anti-inflammatory benefits, increased hydration and maximum protection against environmental pollution. 
BYONIK® PTL Ecto Repair & Healing  
40 mins 
Intensive repair and restoration for compromised and irritated skin. The perfect solution for anyone suffering with chronic inflammation or skin damage. The Ecto repair treatment utilizes Ectoin® to provide the skin with long-term hydration and protection, creating an environment where the skin can heal in a more effective and efficient manner. 
BYONIK® PTL Platinum Face & Neck  
120 mins 
Experience all the incredible healthy aging benefits of the PTL Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment, but this time include your neck providing a 360-degree approach to anti-ageing. 
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