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Intense Pulsed Light or better known as IPL is a skin treatment that uses lasers, intense pulsed light, or photodynamic therapy to treat skin conditions and remove effects of photoaging such as wrinkles, spots, and textures. 
The process induces controlled wounds on the skin, prompting it to heal itself by creating new cells. 
The same treatment can be used effectively on all areas of the body. 
IPL skin rejuvenation treatments can be effectively used to treat: 
Freckles, sunspots and other hyperpigmented areas 
Acne (the light energy destroys bacteria colonising your skin) 
Sun damage and/or redness 
Broken capillaries 
Uneven colouring 
for best results multiple treatments may be needed 


IPL Skin Rejuvenation can benefit your skin 
Reduce Pigmentation and Redness – Reverse the signs of sun damage – Aid in diminishing the appearance of brown spots, blotched and pigmentation on the face or body. 
Smoothing of the skin – Stimulates the production of collagen, a natural protein that fills in lines, making the skin smooth and youthful. 
Improving the overall texture – Maintain youthful and even-looking skin through the removal of unwanted pigmentation. 
The intensive light can cause slight swelling and redness in the treatment area, especially in areas where the skin is very thin or especially fragile. However, any redness or soreness typically subsides within a few hours after the procedure. 
In the rare cases where side effects do occur, postpone further treatments until after complete healing. The most common side effects are as follows: 
Discomfort – a hot sensation may last for up to an hour after treatment. A cold compress or icepack may be used if desired. 
Blistering >– there is always a slight possibility of developing a crust or blister, this is superficial and does not result in any scarring. 
Change of pigment – hypo (lighter) or hyper (darker) pigmentation occurs when there has been exposure to sunlight before or after treatment. This must be avoided 3-4 weeks before and after treatment. 
Excessive swelling – immediately after treatment the skin may swell temporarily and should subside within hours but can last up to 7 days. 
Fragile skin – the skin at or near the treatment site may become fragile – avoid makeup and do not rub the area. 
Bruising – a bruise may appear on the treated area and can last from 5-15 days. 
Before you can begin an IPL treatment you must undergo a patch test to determine how the skin will react and also to ensure there are no adverse reactions to treatment. If the patch test is satisfactory a session of treatment will follow. 
It is important to protect your skin from direct sun exposure over the series of your treatments and it is highly recommended to use an spf30+ sunblock. Sun beds and sun bathing are to be avoided. Photorejuvenation treatments can be carried out all year round as long as you are not planning to be in full sun exposure immediately following a treatment. 
Recent sunburn 
Recent sun exposure or sunbed 
Fake tan on the treatment area 
History of seizures 
Severe dermatitis or eczema (within the treatment area) 
Active infections 
Roaccutane (oral acne medication) use in the last 6 months 
Herpes 1 or 2 (within the treatment area) If you have a history of herpes close to the area being treated, it is recommended that you take antiviral medication before the treatment. 
Very dark skin 
Use of Photo sensitising medications 
If put on a course of antibiotics, please contact the clinic before treatment 
Hot showers, hot baths and saunas are to be avoided for 24 hours. Also anything that generates heat in the skin should as exercise, cooking over a high heat, etc. 
If the skin is broken or a blister appears keep the area lubricated to prevent crusting or scabbing of tissue and contact the clinic. 
Cold packs, Aloe vera or any other cooling preparation may be used to ease temporary discomfort. 
Prolonged sun exposure is to be avoided for 4 weeks before treatment and then for the following 4 weeks. A total sun block should be applied. If further treatment is needed a commitment to stay out of the sun is necessary. 
If there is direct sun exposure there are certain complications that may occur that should be discussed fully. 
Makeup can be applied as long as the skin is not broken. Makeup can also serve as an additional sun block if it contains an SPF. 
We may recommend a combination of treatments, for example a combination of IPL, Image Skincare Peels. 
We also recommend combining your treatment with a skincare regime high in Vitamin A, C and E, Hylauronic Acid and a Zinc based SPF 30. This should be maintained throughout the entire course of the treatment and can be continued long term. 
Contact us to book your skin analysis, alternatively... 
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