Plasma Pen


The Plasma Pen is a new technology that has emerged over the last few years and takes extensive training. It’s FDA approved and very safe. It creates incredible lifting results.

Perhaps you have sagging eyelids or under-eye wrinkles that won’t respond to any treatment. Maybe you would like a subtle lip lift but are too afraid to use fillers. The plasma pen is a very effective way to restore youth that lasts for up to three years.

 It is a cosmetic treatment which uses plasma to eliminate excess skin and promote the production of collagen in the sin with results that are comparable to traditional surgery. Partial results can be seen immediately, for example sagging eyelids will immediately lift and look more while the full result can be seen in around 4 weeks

  • Consultation: €50
  • Chin: €500
  • Chin & Neck, from: €1,200
  • Crows Feet - €350
  • Eyebrow Lift - €400
  • Under Eye lift: €500
  • Upper Eyelids: €500
  • Forehead: €500
  • Upper & Lower Lip: €500
  • Upper Lip lift: €350
  • Lower Lip lift: €350
  • Nasolabial: €350
  • Neck lift: €900